Benefits and Advantages of Using Online Software


Most companies’ nowadays especially small businesses are using manual recording of their daily sales, inventory and disburses, some are using spreadsheets and some of them already own an accounting software that are on premise. Switching to an Online Software or cloud base software may worry you about the cost, how efficient it is compared to what was used to. Here we discuss the benefits and advantages of using Online Software.

What is Online Accounting Software?

  • Online accounting software is software that uses an internet browser to help business owners to track their sales, inventory, expenses. Helps monitor their incomings and outgoings and provide real time reports like basic reports needed in analyzing their business and most specially a real time financial reports anytime

Why do we need online accounting software?

  • Nowadays, especially with this pandemic, most of our employees and business owners are now working from home. Monitoring sales and inventory are not that real time. Paperless transactions are encouraged to avoid direct contact with other persons. Online accounting is the solution for monitoring your sales and inventory on time and at the same time to check your financial reports in real time. Human Incubator Inc. offers a free trial use of its EasyFS Software for businesses who don’t have any software yet, and for those businesses who are planning to switch their on premise accounting software to cloud software.

What are the benefits of using online accounting software?

  • Benefits of using Online Accounting Software are Real-time monitoring of sales and inventory. Paperless transactions that you simply email your PO’s to your supplier. Real-time checking of accounts receivable and accounts payable aging.

What Human Incubator Inc can help start up or small business owners to start using an online accounting system

  • Human Incubator offers a free use of its own accounting software which is the EasyFS for 1 champion user up to 1 gb storage.

EasyFIS Logo

easyFS gives you a highly-accurate and real-time view of your financial statements.

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EasyFIS Logo

easyFS gives you a highly-accurate and real-time view of your financial statements.

Sign-up for a FREE easyFS Accounting System now!

What specific features does EasyFS have that is useful to SME Businesses?

  1. Item Database

    EasyFS has an item database that can store up to more than 100k ++, items can be an inventoriable items, non- inventory items, component items (used mostly in restaurants), package items.

  1. Customer Database

    EasyFS has a customer database than can store up to more than 100k ++ customers. Customer can be categorized. With this feature you can easily track the customer activity in a few minutes

  1. Supplier Database

    EasyFS has a supplier database that can store up to more than 100k++ suppliers. Suppliers can be categorized. With this feature it can helps business owners to check their activity to a particular supplier and it has a graph report also for top supplier of the month.

  1. Multiple Unit of Measure

    – Worrying on how to manage inventories of same items but with different unit of measure, EasyFS can help you do that one. By setting up the base unit of measure of each item and its corresponding conversion you can easily sum up the inventory of each product. No need to add more than 1 item with the same description.

  1. Multiple Pricing

    – Having different customer category and different price for each customer category, EasyFS has a feature that helps you set up different price levels of each product.

  1. Multiple Currency

    – If you are a company who has a transaction globally, you don’t need to worry on how to book your transaction on a particular currency, EasyFS has a multiple currency feature that can help you book transaction in different types of currency.

  1. Multi – Language

    – If you have a business partners or owners who are leaving outside the country and the primary language is not English, EasyFS can help you translate all the features to their own native language. As of the moment, EasyFS can be translated to Japanese.

  1. Easy search of the Item Inventory per branch

    – Checking available stock of a particular item will take your time, calling your warehouse man and count the available products will take you so much time; with EasyFS you can easily check the inventory of a particular item on each branch.

  1. Multiple Branch

    – Managing business that has many branches and thinking on how to check ingoing and outgoing records of each branch, consolidate records of all the branches for financial analyzes, with EasyFS you can check the real time reports of each reports and at the same time check the consolidated financial reports of all the branches. It will save you time and energy on going to and from your branches.

  1. Accounts Receivable Aging

    – Keeping records of each customer accounts and monitoring their accounts would be tiresome, EasyFS can make your life easy, thru this feature you can check those Accounts Receivable that are for due or overdue in a few minutes

  1. Accounts Payable Aging

    – Tracking your payables will take your time and a headache to memorize all those amounts to be paid. EasyFS can help you check your payables anytime without any sweat.

  1. BIR CAS ready reports

    – Computerized Accounting System (CAS) refers to the integration of different component systems to produce computerized books of accounts and computer-generated accounting records and documents. ( BIR requires certain reports that are to be integrated to their own system. EasyFS has reports ready for the BIR Integration.

  1. Financial Reports

    – Checking or making financial reports will take much of your time. EasyFS can help you with that problem. Business owners can generate a financial report anytime, anywhere.

Decided to switch from manual to online accounting software? But you have still so much worries about how it will cost you? You can try our Free Trial Use for 1 champion user. Contact us now so that we can assist you further.

EasyFIS Logo

easyFS gives you a highly-accurate and real-time view of your financial statements.

Sign-up for a FREE easyFS Accounting System now!
EasyFIS Logo

easyFS gives you a highly-accurate and real-time view of your financial statements.

Sign-up for a FREE easyFS Accounting System now!

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