A 30-year-old chef from Pangasinan, Philippines has opened a small restaurant here where he serves a fusion of Japanese cuisine and Filipino flavor to its lomi (noodle soup) at a very affordable price.

German Roa, the owner of K&S Lomi Overload in Barangay Poblacion West, said he used to work as a Japanese cuisine chef, particularly making sushi in Metro Manila, but decided to go back to the province even before the pandemic.

Roa started online selling sushi but as he thought Japanese cuisine seems not known in his town, he had the idea to fuse Japanese and Filipino flavors instead.

He decided on making lomi, which is known as a comfort food of Filipinos and popular in Pangasinan, just like ramen in Japan.

According to the Public Information Office of Asingan town, the restaurant that opened the first week of July became a hit because of its overloaded ingredients, delicious taste, but at an affordable price of PHP40 per bowl.

Roa said he makes sure that the presentation of the lomi to the customer is also taken into careful consideration.

“Japanese cuisine is also about the presentation of the food, not just its flavor. We wanted to present as much as possible in person what is being advertised in the pictures,” he said.

He added they also maintain the freshness of the food hence, they cook as the customer orders.

Roa said he is not after a huge return from his food business as he understands the situation of the people amid the pandemic.

“Little income is okay with us, just enough to provide for the needs of the family. Cooking is my passion so a little income is enough. We are in the midst of a pandemic so we sympathize with the others since money is scarce, everything is carefully budgeted so a bowl of our lomi can already feed a lot of people,” he said in the Filipino language.

Source: https://www.pna.gov.ph/articles/1148739