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GCash partners with BPI Investment Management


Mobile wallet GCash has expanded investing opportunities under its GInvest products, with two new funds added for investors with an aggressive risk appetite.

GCash said it now makes it affordable and accessible to invest in Bank of the Philippine Islands investment funds through BPI Investment Management Inc.’s ALFM Global Multi-Asset Income Fund and the Philippine Stock Index Fund under GInvest.

Users of GInvest can start investing with as low as P1,000 in the ALFM Global Multi-Asset Income Fund, a dollar-denominated feeder fund whose target fund is managed by the world’s largest asset managers, BlackRock.

The fund has historically provided dividends monthly while also generating long-term capital growth, according to GCash.

As a feeder fund, it will invest at least 90 percent of its assets into a single collective scheme.

It invests globally in the full spectrum of permitted investments, including equities, equity-related securities to guarantee dividends to the investor.

Meanwhile, GInvest users can also place a buy order for as low as P50 in the Philippine Stock Index Fund.

It aims to track the performance of the Philippine Stock Exchange Index, which is composed of the top 30 largest and most traded companies in the country.

GCash said both funds are appropriate for investors that are at least rated as aggressive by their risk profile and have a five-year investment horizon.

There are now seven funds on the GInvest platform, with an option for every kind of investor, ranging from the ATRAM managed funds (Money Market Fund, Philippine Total Return Bond Fund, Philippine Smart Equity Index Fund, Global Technology Feeder Fund, Global Consumer Trends Fund) to the new BPI managed funds (ALFM Global Multi-Asset Income Fund and the Philippine Stock Index Fund).


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