Globe telecom launches 5G Standalone technology


Globe Telecom Inc. is taking the next step in its 5G deployment in the country as it opens up the network to a wide variety of possible use cases for customers using 5G standalone (SA) technology.

Globe achieved yesterday a new milestone by testing 5G SA in a live setup in its facility in Valero, Makati City.

The company said it would soon bring the 5G SA technology to its customers in other parts of Metro Manila and beyond.

The technology is expected to become the connectivity standard for advanced use cases across many industry verticals and will be a key enabler for the digital Philippines, according to Globe.

5G SA will enable the company to attain business velocity and agility, embrace digital practices, and realize operational efficiency in both consumer and enterprise sectors.

“Globe is creating new possibilities with 5G SA. We are all set to leverage these enablers to make our 5G value proposition more compelling and competitive. 5G SA will allow us to do more services for multiple industries with new business models,” Globe President and CEO Ernest Cu said.

Globe’s current 5G network is deployed via 5G non-standalone (NSA) architecture, which is the first phase of 5G that allows faster internet speeds.

However, the telco said 5G SA goes beyond speed.

Globe said the 5G SA technology allows the adoption of new concepts and mission-critical digital services such as industrial automation, remote surgery and autonomous vehicles with its network slicing capabilities, low latency, always-on connectivity, and integration with edge computing.

Through network slicing, Globe said it could tailor-fit 5G services to the dynamic requirements of consumers and businesses.

“Instead of sharing one extensive network, each group can have its own customizable virtual network with its own policies running at the same time without disturbing one another,” it said.


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