How to transition to an automated Inventory system (Distribution and Warehousing)


Is your inventory system becoming more of a burden than a blessing? Whether you are just beginning to realize that your small or mid-size distribution business needs to break free from a manual stock inventory system or perhaps, you are already contemplating on having a trial or free online inventory software, then this one is the right read for you! 

Inventory is not static. It constantly changes every day with stocks levels, sales, returns, new invoices of your distribution business. Before, going to the warehouse and manually going through items that are low in stock for replenishment was such a hassle. With a free online inventory software, things get better and much faster. The quantity of stocks is determined and updated quickly in real-time and makes re-ordering as easy as 123. No more manual counting of inventory and no more writing down orders by hand. The pace was just way too slow with manual listing just to produce invoices. With just one press of a button, invoices are printed in no time with the automated inventory management system

If beyond a shadow of a doubt that you want to get a good grip of an automated inventory system, then you need to get ready. But first, you can consider a free online inventory software available before jumping ship. Adapting to the new technology requires continuity and smooth transitions. Moving on from a manual to a free online inventory software is not an easy project for a distribution business to embark on, but it is all worth it. A major change would mean there probably would be bumps along the way that may hinder progress but the road to automation is absolutely the way to go.

How do you transition to an automated inventory management system? The transfer takes some time, learning, teamwork, and synergy. Here is an action plan that outlines ten (10) significant key steps you should consider: 

Easy FIS gives you a highly-accurate and real-time view of your financial statements.

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Easy FIS gives you a highly-accurate and real-time view of your financial statements.

Sign-up for a FREE EasyFIS Accounting System now!
  1. Evaluate Costs – Remember automation requires some costs. It is a new technology that can improve your warehouse and distribution business. Consider bang-for-your-buck kind of software that will produce outstanding results. 

  2. Research and know the providers of Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) and find out more about what they have. 

  3. Assess your technical readiness– Check the landscape of your existing system and find out if migration is possible. Computers, laptops, IT personnel, and other technical factors should be considered.

  4. Focus on what you want to achieve – What are your goals for the transition and how well does this bring into line the results to your logistics?

  5. Think of the impact on your employees – Would some employees lose their jobs? Or are they willing to learn the ins and out of an automated inventory management system? Are there certain skill sets that you need to require to keep up with such automation?

  6. Ask if there is system capability – One of the key factors to consider when transitioning to an automated inventory system is system capability. Start it out with this in mind. Can the demands of automation be met?

  7. Check on your competitive advantage – How well can you fare among other competitors? Make sure not to lag in this area and stay on top of your game.

  8. Make sure that systems are in place and if they are in sync with automation. How would the automation link up into the existing order of management? Would the previous get scrapped out or will it synergize with the new automated inventory management system?

  9. It’s time – When everything is in place, it is now time to migrate and transition to an automated inventory management system.

  10. Evaluate after the first month of use – Keeping track of your warehouse inventory is fundamental. Replenishing stocks and distributing them to different branches is difficult without an effective automated inventory system in place. With the new software, check out how far it has helped you and evaluate.

Considering these action steps, there is the most up-to-date Software-as-a-service (SAAS) sales, inventory, and accounting system designed for you, that has warehousing and distribution requirements. 

Introducing, EasyFIS. With EasyFIS, you can take care of your business with less downtime since it can manage your business in real-time, monitor your sales, check your LIVE inventory stock quantity, and enables you to replenish quickly. Most importantly, EasyFIS is CAS (Computerized Accounting System) which is compliant with government taxation in the Philippines and duly accredited by the BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue).

You will have fewer missed sales since the inventory report is up to date. Keeping an accurate inventory is pivotal and can save you the time to monitor slow-moving stocks and clear them away to spare some cash to invest in new products and a lot more.

Innovated and built with global businesses in mind, EasyFIS is cloud-based, cost-effective with maximum results, fabricated end-to-end accounting software-as-a-service with sales and inventory integration, multi-branch, multilingual, and multi-currencies; it is built with high accuracy and better returns involving a low cost of deployment and maintenance. 

With EasyFiS, customer satisfaction is guaranteed. At the end of the day, it’s what matters. EasyFIS produces a happier business environment eventually producing happier customers. Try out their free online inventory software and you will reap great results. Check out for more details.

Easy FIS gives you a highly-accurate and real-time view of your financial statements.

Sign-up for a FREE EasyFIS Accounting System now!

Easy FIS gives you a highly-accurate and real-time view of your financial statements.

Sign-up for a FREE EasyFIS Accounting System now!

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