Johnson & Johnson (Philippines), Inc., the local unit of one of the world’s leading manufacturers of consumer, pharmaceutical, and medical devices, announced that it will shift more resources to digital marketing rather than traditional media.

“Digital has allowed for more precise targeting and a clearer measurement of cause and effect that makes it really an attractive alternative. While traditional media will still have its role in reaching consumers, digital has quickly established itself as an indispensable complement,” said Zantua.

Digital marketing has been a very effective tool especially during this pandemic, said Zantua adding that this year has been very unpredictable.

According to Zantua, while the company began the year with high hopes, given the expected improvement in category performance by the end of 2020, they were hit with a severe lockdown again in March, affecting the market as a whole.

Post-COVID, Zantua emphasized that the health and safety of its employees remain its top priority.

With this in mind, he said, J&J is finding more ways to create an environment where they have the right support systems, tools, and resources to operate effectively, from anywhere at any time. “Therefore, we need to have a workplace that is constantly evolving in line with rapidly changing employee, business, and customer needs,” he said.

The new normal for J&J Philippines, he said, means connecting all aspects of the workplace experience to empower employees to be at their best wherever they may be. “In line with this, we are adopting a strategic framework that integrates all of our efforts toward accelerating our readiness for the future of work,” he added.

At the moment, Zantua said they do not foresee an immediate need to have everyone report back to the office full-time.

Resumption of the face-to-face engagements will continue to be dictated by the COVID situation itself including how much of its employee population has been vaccinated.