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Lazada Philippines sees maintained growth as sales, orders double


Lazada Philippines expects continued growth in sales on the platform this year as it looks to encourage more consumers to shop and businesses to go online through its sales events and other initiatives, including cashback for purchases, according to its chief operating officer, Carlos Barrera.

He said e-commerce has accelerated as the pandemic forced people to spend time at home and shift online for their purchases.

For Lazada Philippines in particular, he said sales and orders increased 2.5 times at present compared to pre-pandemic levels.

“More people have been buying and those people buying have been buying larger quantities more frequently,” he said.

He said e-payments adoption is also on the rise with digital payments up three to four times compared to pre-pandemic figures.

In terms of sellers, he said the number grew more than three times, with over 120,000 active sellers on the platform at present.

Sales events, where consumers can get deals and discounts from various local and international brands, are expected to help give the platform’s sales a boost.

Barrera said the platform is set to hold one of its biggest sales events, the 9.9 Big Brands Sale taking place from Sept.9 to 11.

For the 9.9 promo, he said Lazada is not just allowing customers to avail of discounts, but also enabling them to get up to 10 percent cashback for their purchases which they can use for future transactions.

He said the cashback, which was launched as a pilot last month, is being made available by the platform during a sales event for the Philippine market for the first time as a promotional effort to encourage consumers to keep shopping on Lazada.

To offer customers brand variety, he said the platform continues to bring more businesses online through partnerships with the Department of Trade of Industry, as well as other organizations.

He said the platform offers training for businesses to guide them as they set up their online presence and help them grow.

Beyond discounts, cashback and free shipping vouchers, he said Lazada continues to invest in improving logistics and reducing delivery lead times to better serve customers.

He said mechanisms are also in place to make customers feel safe when they buy online.


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