The Villar Group’s Supermarket chain, AllDay Marts, Inc., reported a 58.8 percent increase in net income to P179.6 million after a 19.7 percent growth in sales to a record Pof 4.49 billion.

From a net income of P17 million in 2017, the AllDay chain generated P220 million in net income for the year 2020. That translates to a compound annual growth rate of 134 percent.

“AllDay’s stellar performance thus far is another milestone in its consistent performance since its incorporation. We believe this is irrefutable proof of concept for our elevated supermarket experience,” said Manuel B. Villar Jr., chairman of AllValue, AllDay’s parent company.

The AllDay supermarket store network now stands at 33 locations, nationwide with a solid expansion pipeline.

“AllDay’s growth since the start of operations is a product of our propensity to innovate and remain on the cutting edge of retail consumer trends,” said AllValue President Camille A. Villar.

Ms. Villar said that, “Through our elevated in-store experience, comprehensive product offering, a special focus on international goods, and now, a strong push for digital transformation towards e-commerce, we are confident in our ability to post even better results moving forward.”

“We are very pleased with AllDay’s performance over this year and the past four years. We firmly believe we can sustain this performance given our consistency and commitment in executing and successfully operating a clearly differentiated supermarket concept,” said AllDay Chief Executive Officer Frances Rosalie T. Coloma.

She noted that, “In just a short period, we were able to bring AllDay to a strategic and sustainable business model given our record growth and profitability over the years.”