Government investments in infrastructure projects are not purely on roads, bridges, and airports, but also in other facilities that will help the Filipinos’ daily lives amid the pandemic. Build, Build, Build program has spent budget for health facilities, water, sanitation, flood control, and digital infrastructure like the national ID system.
“We are investing in a wide range of infrastructure projects,” Socioeconomic Planning Secretary Karl Kendrick Chua said. “All of these are needed during this pandemic and our move to the new normal.”
He added that aside from providing the much-needed infrastructure for Filipinos, the government´s investment in the Build, Build, Build program will also generate more jobs.
The “Build, Build, Build” program is the Duterte administration’s ambitious infrastructure development plan that is composed of thousands of projects to be implemented all over the country. In a briefing, the Cabinet secretaries reported that 212 airport projects, 446 seaport projects, 10,376 flood mitigation structures, 26,494 kilometers of road, and 5,555 bridges have already been completed under the program.
A total of 102 airport projects, 117 seaport projects, 1,090.30 kilometers of railway, 2,587 flood mitigation structures, 2,515 kilometers of road, and 1,020 bridges are currently under construction.
“We have a strong pipeline to ensure that the next administration will have a very good starting point to build on the progress we build so far,” Chua said.
As of May 12, 2021, the government has 119 infrastructure flagship projects with a total value of PHP4.7 trillion.

政府によるインフラプロジェクトへの投資は、道路や橋、空港だけでなく、パンデミックの中でフィリピン人の日常生活に役立つその他の施設にも行われています。Build, Build, Buildプログラムでは、保健施設、水、衛生、洪水対策、国民IDシステムのようなデジタルインフラに予算を投じています。
チュア長官は、フィリピン人が必要としているインフラを提供するだけでなく、政府による「Build, Build, Build」プログラムへの投資は、より多くの雇用を生み出すことになると付け加えました。
「Build, Build, Build」プログラムは、ドゥテルテ政権の野心的なインフラ開発計画であり、国中で実施される数千ものプロジェクトで構成されています。内閣官房長官はブリーフィングの中で、同プログラムの下で、212の空港プロジェクト、446の海港プロジェクト、10,376の洪水軽減構造物、26,494kmの道路、5,555の橋が既に完成していることを報告しました。