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Philippines attracts global cloud companies, sees as next hyperscaler destination in Asia


The Philippines is the next strategic hyperscaler destination in Asia, according to an official of PLDT Inc.

The country is already getting the attention of global cloud companies for prospective investments in the near to short term, said PLDT Territory Head for China and Asia Pacific Region Darren Wu during the recent China International Fair for Investment and Trade (CIFIT) 2021.

“Manila is one of the emerging data center markets which are in the opportunity quadrant,” said Wu. “The country was positioned to having a high growth rate outlook alongside Malaysia and Thailand.”

Wu said the Philippines’ cultural affinity has the propensity to access foreign content. “Its mobile phone connections and internet users are the second highest in the Southeast Asia region, showing the capability of the local market to consume data and access services, and content from hyperscalers,” he said..

The country also has a promising business market where primary consumers of cloud solutions and services are local enterprises.

For these reasons, the US News and World Report as well as the investment management company InvestAsian both ranked the Philippines as one of the best countries to invest in.

“The ongoing investments of telecom companies for the country’s adoption of 5G network and their impending localization increases the attractiveness of the Philippines as a market for hyperscalers,” says Wu.

PLDT owns the largest carrier-neutral network of globally certified VITRO Data Center facilities in the Philippines.

The telco can support and fortify the operations of hyperscalers with its over 9,000 racks.

VITRO data centers also host two major internet exchanges in the country and serve as the global gateway across different sectors, making it the preferred colocation site for hyperscalers.


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