PLDT, through PLDT Enterprise and its wireless arm Smart Communications Inc., has teamed up with Nokia to develop enterprise-specific Internet of Things (IoT) services for its customers across the Philippines. This solution would help businesses accelerate their digital transformation and boost customer experience.

PLDT said the Smart IoT platform, which will be fully ready within the year, would transform the way IoT applications are deployed and managed in the country. It would further enhance businesses by allowing them to have full real-time visibility and control to up to hundreds of thousands of connected devices.

The PLDT-Nokia partnership could help build IoT-enabled industries by providing relevant business solutions for more efficient management of interconnected devices at scale.

“We put this vision forward with the Philippines’ first localized IoT offer and we believe that this will ultimately pave the way for the Philippines’ transformation to a nation of smart cities,” ePLDT president and CEO and PLDT and Smart enterprise business groups senior vice president and head Jovy Hernandez said.

Meanwhile, Nokia has been a longstanding system and network partner of the PLDT Group.

The company earlier expressed optimism on the growth of its business in the country as it looks to capitalize on the country’s 5G transformation in the next few years.

“We are excited about the opportunity to work with PLDT and Smart on the whole IoT environment. As a partner, we not only bring just a platform, but also the business experience we have around the world, providing technology and business solutions to help drive enterprise growth,” Nokia Philippines head Carlos Reyes said.