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Toyota opens a P4.7 billion logistics hub in Batangas


Toyota Motor Philippines Corp. (TMP) has inaugurated its P4.7-billion logistics hub in Batangas, which can store up to 4,500 imported units at a time, freeing up space in its facility in Laguna to store locally produced units.

TMP said in a statement on Friday that it inaugurated its Batangas Vehicle Center (BVC), about six kilometers away from the Port of Batangas, so the company can receive imported vehicles faster. It will employ 1,123 employees, consisting of regular workers, support personnel and outsourced manpower.

The 32-hectare facility, which uses an RFID-tagging technology for real-time vehicle tracking, has an annual capacity of 160,000 units. Main vehicle preparations can also be done here, including washing, standard accessory installation, inspection and vehicle maintenance.

Since this will be used to store Completely Built Units or imported vehicles that enter the country already built, TMP said the existing vehicle center in Santa Rosa, Laguna, would be dedicated to locally assembled vehicles.

Alfred Ty, chair of TMP, said the Laguna facility currently supports the livelihood of up to 40,000 Filipinos.

“With the establishment of the BVC, the Santa Rosa Vehicle Center will be dedicated to the growing completely knocked down (CKD) Vios and Innova models that will cater the increasing customer demand for proudly locally made Toyota vehicles,” the statement read.


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