Persol Holdings, a Japanese temporary placement agency, will launch a foreign labor staffing service to meet the growing demand for workers with “specified skills” visas.
Persol Global Workforce, a Persol unit, has a training center in the Philippines and plans to offer Japanese language and long-term nursing care courses over a six-month period. In addition, it will begin training skilled workers in Nepal and Indonesia wherein more than 100 nursing care workers will be trained in the three countries.
Persol intends to welcome more than 100 nursing care workers from Asia once COVID-19 entry restrictions are relaxed. It also intends to place 3,000 people per year by 2024, with an emphasis on the food service and food processing industries.
Japan’s specified skills work visa program was introduced in April 2019 to help 14 industries where labor shortages are particularly severe, such as nursing care, food service, and construction. To qualify for the visa, foreigners are required to pass an industry-specific skill and knowledge test as well as demonstrate Japanese language proficiency
There were approximately 22,000 workers with specific skill visas as of the end of March. Even though the number has increased sixfold from a year ago, the majority of those who have the visas are already in Japan and have switched from other types of visas. Entry from outside the country has been halted due to pandemic-related entry restrictions.