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The easiest way to manage your sales, purchases, disbursements, collections, inventories and financials in the cloud using any device.

EasyFIS (Financial Information System) is a cloud-base SAAS Application designed for robust enterprise transactions that includes customer and sales management, payables, supply-chain management, warehousing, accounting and finance for trading businesses.

Sell your products and services using the cloud. Manage your receivables and collection online.
Make purchases and pay expenses using the cloud. Manage your payables and disbursement online.
Manage product inventory on multiple branches and warehouse locations. Setup multiple units per products for easier transactions.
Show real-time financial statements with supporting ledgers in the cloud. Automated bookkeeping process for all transactions.
Setup unlimited company with corresponding branches.


  • On-line Financial Statements.
  • On-line Inventory Management.
  • Real-time POS integration.
  • Manage multiple companies and branches.
  • Unlimited Items, Customers and Suppliers.
  • Philippine Taxation, e.g., VAT and EWT.
  • Mini ERP Functions, e.g., PO, RR, CV, SI and OR.

On-line Financial Statements

  • Real-time Bookkeeping of transactions.
  • Accurate Financial Statement, e.g., Income Statement,
  • Balance Sheet and Cash Flow generation.
  • Real-time AP and AR Ledgers with Aging.

On-line Inventory Management

  • Real-time inventory recording upon purchasing and selling.
  • Proper inventory management between branches using transfers and withdrawals.
  • Real-time inventory reports and stock cards per branches and companies.

Real-time POS Integration

  • Fully integrated with INNOSOFT POS System.
  • Updating of prices between POS branches is done on-line.
  • Managing AR using POS.

Real-time POS Integration

The following diagram shows the Real-Time POS Integration flow.

Why EasyFIS?

  • Fast and reliable financial reports with Philippine taxation mapping, e.g., VAT and EWT.
  • Reliable POS integration with over 100 INNOSOFT POS integration installation.
  • Trusted by over 50 customers in the Philippines.
  • ERP like procedures at the lowest possible price and least time of implementation.
  • On-line and real-time financial statements, e.g., Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow.
  • Real-time and fast inventory management.
  • Real-time POS integration.

Watch and Learn

Learn from basic to advance steps with ease by watching easyFIS video tutorials.