Offshore Development

As a professional IT group, we provide low-cost, quick, and high-quality services.
Do you have any of the following problems regarding IT and system development?
– You want to reduce costs and improve productivity through IT systemization.
– You do not have engineers who can use the latest technology in your company.
– Want to challenge offshore development
– You are thinking of expanding to the Philippines in the future
– It is difficult to hire engineers in Japan.
– Want to outsource to the Philippines where English is freely available

If any of the above applies to you, please contact us at HII!


Services we offer


Lab-based Development

HII provides a full-time development team for a fixed monthly fee, which can be used flexibly for agile development or development in parallel with research.

AWS Cloud Implementation Support

We provide support from consulting for AWS cloud implementation to infrastructure construction.

Web System Development

We help you develop various web services as systems with high safety, performance, and stability.

Business System Development

We support the development of web systems for accounting, payroll, sales management, etc.


Development Examples

  • EasyFis
  • HRIS
  • EasyPOS
  • Contract Development
  • NIPT reception and business management web service
  • In-hospital employment management system