Lamborghini supercar went up in smoke when guy racers tried to grill meat using flames shooting out from its exhaust. The group of racers was standing in shock as white clouds of fumes poured out the back of the expensive Aventador model and blood-red coolant ran across the floor.
Footage of the event was taken in a car garage in China, where it appeared a group of men had met up with their sporty vehicles.
In the video, one man can be seen crouching next to the Lamborghini’s exhaust, holding a piece of meat on the end of a skewer. Another man then revs the car’s powerful V12 engine, sending flames from the burning fuel shooting out the pipe to cook the food.
However, the Italian exotic goes up in smoke a couple of seconds into the video, followed by what appears to be coolant trickling out from underneath the supercar.
The men, despite being car fanatics, are left in shock with none of them appearing to know what to do.
Experts believe the accident occurred because the Lamborghini was revved while cold, but it wasn’t reaching high temperatures because the thermostat was closed. This means that the driver was putting a lot of pressure in the coolant lines despite the fact that there was no need to cool the engine, and because there was nowhere for the pressure to go, it kept building until something failed.
It appeared the plastic coolant tank ruptured, causing the blood-red coolant to stream out over the floor.
In China, the vehicles can cost as much as $1million (£700,000) due to taxes by the government to tackle expensive spending habits and emissions.