A newborn baby in the Philippines became viral online when a photo of the photo of baby boy’s birth certificate with the name – Glhynnyl Hylhyr Yzzyghyl M. Buscato was posted by a family friend.
The unusual name which is difficult to pronounce was decided by the baby’s grandfather Raugyl Ferolin Estrera, from Carmen, Cotabato. To be fair, the grandfather nicknamed him ‘Consonant’.
Even the official who processed the baby’s birth certificate had to reprint the document due to spelling errors.
Some netizens also tried to correctly read the baby’s name but failed.
Estrera explained that the name “Ghlynnyl Hylhyr Yzzyghyl” was created by combining a few letters from his name as well as the names of the child’s father, mother, and grandmother. He also explained in a comment how to properly pronounce it:
(G AND N =GeraldiNe, mother)
(HLY= LHYrlon, father)
(NYL=JoraLYN, grandmother)
HYLHYR – Hayler
(LHYRlon, father)
(ZZ=nephew’s name)
(GYL=RauGYL, grandfather)
(YHL=LHyrlon, father)
Baby Ghlynnyl Hylhyr is the only one in the family who has an all-consonant name. However, the boy’s name is not actually vowel-less. The letter Y, which is present in the name’s spelling, is commonly regarded as a consonant, and also considered a special vowel.