A 24-7 “special operations center” has been set up by Facebook Inc. To respond to posts and other content related to the uprising violence between Israel and Gaza on its platform.
This initiative was deployed after misinformation, hate speech, call for violence, and other malicious content about the conflict proliferated across social media channels.
“This operations center allows us to closely monitor the situation so we can remove content that violates our community standards faster, while also addressing possible errors in enforcement,” Monika Bickert, Facebook’s vice president of content policy, told reporters on a conference call.
Facebook has previously set up similar operations centers to focus on situations like global elections.
The California-based technology conglomerate has banned Gaza’s Islamist rulers Hamas from its platform and removes content praising the group regarded by Israel, the United States, and the European Union as a terrorist group.
Facebook’s Bickert, also said the new operations center was staffed by experts, including native Arabic and Hebrew speakers, as it has been criticized in the past for lacking local language expertise and resources amid violent situations in other countries.