The International community-led by powerful countries like the United States, Japan, China, and France sent their congratulatory messages to the Philippines on the 123rd-anniversary celebration of Philippine Independence Day over the weekend.
Japanese Ambassador Koshikawa Kazuhiko expressed his hope for Japan and the Philippines to strengthen their cooperation and solidarity.
“Happy Independence Day to all Filipinos! We pay respect to your beautiful nation with a rich culture and heritage. May Japan-Philippines cooperation and solidarity grow stronger and flourish for everlasting peace and prosperity! Mabuhay!” Koshikawa said in a tweet.
Japan remains the Philippines’ leading source of official development assistance (ODA), with over 40 percent of the foreign-aid portfolio.
Chinese Ambassador to Manila Huang Xilian posted his greeting on Facebook with an image of the upper portion of the Philippine flag.
“Happy Independence Day to the Philippines and the Filipino people! The Chinese Embassy and I join the Filipino people in celebrating the 123rd Anniversary of the Proclamation of the Philippine Independence. Mabuhay Philippines! May the country raise its flag higher! Its sun and stars shine brighter!” Huang posted on his official Facebook account.
According to the Chinese envoy, the relationship between China and the Philippines flourished during the Duterte administration, with both countries completing 12 government-to-government projects, seven of which are still being implemented, and ten more currently underway.
United States President Joe Biden, meanwhile, dedicated a 1:45-minute-long video message congratulating the Philippines and the Filipino people on the country’s 123rd Independence Day celebration.
“To all the people of the Philippines, Happy Independence Day! It’s my honor as President to send best wishes and the enduring friendship of the American people as you celebrate this joyous occasion,” Biden said in a pre-recorded video message from the White House.
Biden’s Independence Day message also brought up this year’s commemoration of the 75 years anniversary of US-Philippines diplomatic relations and the 70th anniversary of the Mutual Defense Treaty.