We are currently recruiting for the following positions.

Bridge System Engineer


Job Description

Offshore development work in the Philippines



Stand between the Philippine development team and Japanese group companies and customers, and perform system development, specification changes, etc.
The actual development work will be done mainly by Filipino engineers, but of course preference will be given to those who can work on the code themselves.
As the point of contact with the Japanese side, you will be responsible for negotiations, coordination, reporting, and other communications, as well as communicating necessary information to the Philippine team members.
There is currently one Japanese person (Philippines) and two Japanese people (Japan) doing the same work, and they are urgently needed due to business expansion.



The current projects are as follows
Web system for human resources (in-house product)
Web system for accounting (in-house product)
Sales management accounting application (in-house product)
Many web systems for group companies


English Proficiency

You do not need to be able to speak English fluently, but if you are willing to study it, there is no problem.
However, it is necessary to be able to understand English terminology used in system development to some extent.



There is no training. We are looking for people who can work immediately.


  • Experience in system engineering or programming / Daily conversation level of English
  • No academic background required.
  • Experience in offshore development is welcome.
  • Experience in offshore development is welcome.
  • This is a great opportunity to work in a fast-paced environment.



Cebu IT Park, Philippines


Working hours

9AM to 6PM


Employment Type

Regular employee



Approximate monthly salary: 100k – 150k pesos


Treatment and Benefits

13 months salary, performance bonus, paid salary, medical insurance, company paid for VISA



Sundays and public holidays