The Department of Tourism (DOT) urged hotels and resorts to become DOT-accredited to receive assistance in its rapid adoption of sustainable practices.
“Reviving local economy and creating livelihood is DOT’s current priority. However, the pandemic has allowed us to be more persistent in our goal to instill accountability in businesses to become more sustainable,” Tourism Secretary Berna Romulo-Puyat said in a press statement released Friday night.
The tourism official explained that the benefits of accreditation include receiving assistance from the DOT in many aspects of running a tourism enterprise, but more specifically, access to technical tools and experts who can assist an establishment in making the transition to going green.
The agency has revised the accreditation standards for hotels and resorts to incorporate environmental indicators in the star rating system of these types of accommodation establishments, aiming to encourage business owners to be more environment-friendly in their day-to-day operations.
Corporate social responsibility is also a factor, with establishments that employ locals and purchase local goods fairing higher in the rating system.
Executing the right campaigns and having compliant establishments will only work if tourists recognize their role in the path to sustainable tourism, she said, noting that the main goal of sustainable tourism is for future generations to experience and enjoy the same, if not better, resources that are available today.