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‘Voltes V: Legacy’ Filipino live-action adaptation starts production soon, says director

The director of the much-anticipated Filipino live-action adaptation of the classic Japanese anime, ‘Voltes V: Legacy’ teased fans saying production will start ‘soon’ as he posted a photo of himself in his social media account standing in front of what appears to be a large fortress which later revealed was set for Voltes V’s Base Camp Big Falcon.

“A lot have been asking me for an update regarding Voltes V. So here’s an official sneak peek from the set of Camp Big Falcon,” he shared.

The upcoming show made a buzz on social media when its teaser was released last January showing a glimpse of the Boazanians’ invasion of Earth and the visual effects that fans can look forward to in the series.

Among the main cast members are actors Miguel Tanfelix (Steve), Ysabel Ortega (Jamie), Radson Flores (Mark), Matt Lozano (Big Bert), and Raphael Landicho (Little John).

The Japanese anime ‘Voltes V’, which the ‘Voltes V: Legacy’ is based, was originally produced by Toei Animation and Nippon Sunrise in the 1970s. It was a huge hit when it aired on Philippine television.


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