No data supports antibody test as best measure of protection against COVID-19, say experts

Dr. Michelle De Vera of the Philippine Society for Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology said that antibody tests may not be the “best” measurement for one’s level of protection against COVID-19.
The doctor added that while there are many who are testing for it and worrying about the result, there are no data to support the claim.
Dr. De Vera further said that “one measurement cannot totally measure the entire immune response of your immune system to the COVID virus.”
The doctor noted that the evidence of protection versus coronavirus is by eventually “going to follow people over time to see if they actually contract the disease or not because that will be the real test for whether you’re protected to this virus or not.”
Meanwhile, Dr. Jaime Montoya, executive director of the DOST-Philippine Council for Health Research and Development, said that antibody tests is only one of the “surrogate markers.”
“Meaning, it is not yet the accepted marker that you are protected or immune,” Montoya said.
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) previously reminded the public and health care providers that results from currently authorized COVID-19 antibody tests should not be used to assess a person’s level of immunity or protection from the disease at any time, particularly after the person has received a COVID-19 vaccination.
According to the US FDA, while a positive antibody test result can be used to help identify people who may have had prior COVID-19 infection, more research on people who have received vaccination is required.


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