A Cloud-based Attendance Management System That Is Perfect For You!


It is no secret that business is not always about the sales.

Smart business owners know that.

While business owners tend to look for ways to help them optimize the workflows, internal processes, and the growth of the company, it is equally important that they should consider the tracking of the employees’ time and attendance.

To anyone who is not inclined to business, attendance management might just be a minor component upon running a business.

But to business experts, it is not the case.

Significant growth is achieved by businesses that are run by those who are looking at the bigger picture.

And by that “bigger picture”, it means that every component of the business is equally considered.

Ensuring that employees’ time and attendance are in place is also ensuring their morale and commitment to the company.

Employees’ attendance status definitely tells us the effectiveness of the company.

Proper attendance management significantly affects the productivity of each employee, which equates to the company’s productivity, so the whole idea itself means maintaining and boosting the company’s health and welfare.

While we are at it, let’s take it more deeply.

Time and attendance is a business component that is evidently taken as one of the most neglected HR processes most especially in businesses that considers more on external growth.

A considerable time and attendance management system significantly helps the HR Department and the employers big time with respect to work legislation compliance.

A good time and attendance system provides worth considering features that are employee-friendly such as overtime and leave application, payroll integration, and HR reporting.

Traditional process of time and attendance management was so yesterday that it is now obsolete and is now out of the options.

If the management envisions a constant improvement and greater feats in the near future, it is just logical to streamline time and attendance management. 

Benefits of a Cloud-based Attendance Management System

Fortunately, at any moment of need for an upgrade, in accordance with the company’s necessity for such, plenty of options are available and evident nowadays.

New innovations, and the introduction to new technologies enables us to get rid of the problems that are apparent in traditional processes of attendance management.

With cloud-based attendance management systems, administrators are able to manage the employees records and timesheets in real time, and supervise, ensuring that everything is in place.

To discuss the benefits of cloud-based attendance management system more profoundly, let us consider the list below.

  1. Easy Access

    The beauty of using a cloud-based attendance management system is you can work from anywhere, 24/7.
    Compared to traditional processes which involves paper works, and desktop-based attendance management where the user can only administer the employee records at only one location, with cloud-based attendance management system, you can access your data with any device that is compatible with Cloud Service Technology: Smart mobile phones, Laptops, PCs, tablets, and the likes.
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  1. Mobile Functionality

    Now that a considerable percentage of average employees are working from a Work from Home setup, application of cloud-based attendance management systems is slowly becoming a “need”.
    With cloud-based attendance management system that best incorporates mobile phones and mobile apps, employees can now easily manage their absences via the mobile app, and in response, the HR can also easily administer their request in the same platform.
    With this feature, employees can also check their payroll information, work-hours, and remaining vacation leaves in real time.
    Managers can also review all of the records and generate detailed reports, also in real time.
  1. Security

    With the application of a cloud-based attendance management system, it is guaranteed that all of your data is secured.
    Data is encrypted and automatically backed up to the cloud.
    With the data and records stored in the cloud, you need not install a server since it is the cloud server itself.
  1. Streamlined

    To optimize the efficiency of the job is to digitize the system.
    With the introduction of new technology, the time taken for the job to be done is reduced while the efficiency of the job is boosted.
    Cloud-based attendance management system has taken the hassle out of traditional processes of attendance management, so it saves you a considerable amount of time.
    Also, moving your accounting to the cloud eliminates the discrepancies and the possible errors in the attendance managing processes, so the time required in carrying out HR tasks is greatly reduced. 
  1. Revenue-boosting

    Cloud-based attendance management system provides you with productivity-boosting benefits.
    Since the time and attendance management system is streamlined, it gives the administrator and the team the opportunity to spend more time focusing on other profit-making functions that will help your company grow big time!
    With an updated attendance management system, it enables your team to come up with helpful, client-friendly services, and new business development that will attract more traffic and clients, which will have a direct impact on increasing your revenue.

If you are interested enough to enjoy such benefits, it is the right time for you to apply for an HR Software.

All of the abovementioned benefits can be experienced if you are using a cloud-based attendance management system.

Join the trend.

Apply for a cloud-based attendance management system now!

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Automate your payroll processing with easyHR’s cloud-based software solution

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Automate your payroll processing with easyHR’s cloud-based software solution

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