Online HR Portal: One Of The Ways Towards A Better HR Experience


Things that can turn our life upside down are not so likely to happen, yet inevitable.

Such things will take away our usual life and will leave us nothing but being handicapped.

Catastrophes like typhoons and earthquakes have been testing us for generations, but we are never prepared for a pandemic.

Dragging and relating these statements to our current situation, a top tier crisis like a pandemic is so serious that we are forced to change our way of living.

In this challenging time, almost everything goes online.

Online transactions and activities have been the new normal.

However, looking at the brighter side of the picture, this pandemic helped us realize how a transition from manual to online hits differently and how going online is a need.

This global scale crisis impacts most of the companies negatively, but it was solved by streamlining their platforms.

Companies have been gaining their stability back by doing their usual duties via online.

Now that we are at it, let’s take time to ponder how an average company manages to overcome the crisis by going online.

Now let’s start with one of the basic foundations a company has to consider: its workforce.

Since the workforce is changing, an in-house working environment is designated to keep the business running.

Simply put, adapting to the current situation is the very concept.

At times like this, it is practical that an average company have human resource management software to optimize its daily HR duties.

But at larger companies, HR portals are especially popular since they are dealing with a bigger number of employees.

What is an HR portal?

HR portal is exactly how it sounds.

It is just the fancier term for employee interface in human resource management software that lets them access and handle HR tasks.

It is like the digital common denominator between the HR department and the corporate team that helps them communicate in a more streamlined manner.

With this web portal at hand, a more simplified access to documents related to HR operations is taken in place.

Having an HR portal means a common single point will be established for the team, so easier access is expected.

This tool is perfect for improving workforce management.

If you are not using an HR portal, you are outdated, they said.

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Key Features of HR Portal

  1. Easy Access on Employee’s information

    HR portal is also known as employee self-service system or ESS system.
    You can consider an HR portal as a secured platform where employees can have HR transactions and access their information such as their employee profile, insurance directory, banking details, tax details, performance history, and the likes.
    A remote and easier access means you are enjoying the perks that going online offers.
    A software that promotes the welfare of both HR admin and the corporate team is a need.
    An online HR portal is an asset.
  1. A Recommended Job and Recruitment Portal

    One of the reasons why HR portal is widely acknowledged is it does not only streamline the communication between the employees and their managers, but also facilitates the duties of the HR department that includes recruitment and onboarding of new employees.
    By implementing an online HR portal automates the HR processes which lead to saving a lot of time and come up with a plethora of business strategies.
  1. Keeps The Employees Connected and Engaged

    Technology-based solutions are especially popular to modern-day companies due to the benefits that it provides: cost-effective, optimized processes, accurate, and consistent service delivery.
    HR portal provides administrative capabilities like keeping the employee handbook up-to-date.
    Online HR portals are most especially beneficial for employees, as well as for the HR team since it gives them the freedom, the transparency, and the control that keeps them more engaged and connected.
    In addition, satisfied and engaged employees are assets to the company.
    According to Hay Group, a marketing research company, motivated and engaged employees are 43 percent more productive than others who are less satisfied.

A Better HRIS with Online HR portal

HR portal offers a better HR experience, promotes a more connected working environment for employees and the HR team, and contributes a plethora of advantages to help the company grow and develop professionally.

Move your HR processes to the HR portal and liberate yourself from the daily hassle.

If you aim to experience a user-centric HR portal especially designed for your average business needs, EasyHR is a good recommendation for you.

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Automate your payroll processing with easyHR’s cloud-based software solution

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Automate your payroll processing with easyHR’s cloud-based software solution

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