Around 345,000 files and documents from the Office of the Solicitor General (OSG) of the Philippines were made accessible to anyone with a browser and internet connection until April 28, 2021, by an unknown party in a supposed data breach, said a British cybersecurity firm.
According to the firm’s website, TurgenSec Ltd. is based in London and offers “top information security products.” They claim that they became aware of a publicly accessible data store that belonged to the Solicitor General of the Philippines.
It said the files contained staff training documents, internal passwords and policies, staffing payment information, financial processes, and activities, including audits.
The OSG wasn’t able to respond to the email about the breach send by the British firm on March 1 and March 24.
“The breach was closed by the 28th of April, presumably using the information provided by TurgenSec,” the firm noted.