Alibaba Cloud, the digital intelligence backbone of Alibaba Group, eyes to build its first data center in the Philippines which they tagged as its “most important market” in the Asia-Pacific region, by the end of this year.
Leo Liu, general manager for Hong Kong, Macau and the Philippines, said in a media roundtable Tuesday, June 8, 2021, that the data center will allow Alibaba Cloud to assist more companies in the Philippines in their data transformation journeys.
“Cloud computing has become central to the digitalization of business in the Philippines and around Asia. With our first data center in the country, we will be able to better support Philippine enterprises in adopting cloud technologies and preparing for a digital-first future,” Liu said.
The new data center will extend the reach of Alibaba Cloud’s offerings in the Philippines, ranging from elastic computing, database, security, and network services to machine learning and data analytics capabilities. It will be built in Metro Manila and will launch within 2021.
“We can see that the Philippine economy is performing well amid the pandemic and as it recovers, these opportunities will be of great help to the government because this is a big hit for income generation,” Liu said.
Allen Guo, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence country manager, said the data center will bring the company’s total availability zones to 76 spread across 25 regions worldwide. He said they have updated their cloud services to tailor to the needs of Philippine companies.
In Liu’s presentation, he shared that Alibaba will invest USD1 billion for a program benefitting Asian countries with a vision to foster about 1,000,000 digital talents, empower 100,000 developers, and accelerate the growth of 100,000 tech startups.
In 2020, Alibaba Cloud announced the formation of the Philippines Ecosystem Alliance to fast-track the digitalization of local businesses and support the government’s Cloud First Policy.
The company also aims to train 50,000 local information technology professionals and help 5,000 businesses migrate online by 2023.

Alibaba Cloud IntelligenceのカントリーマネージャーであるAllen Guoは、このデータセンターの開設により、同社のアベイラビリティーゾーンは世界25地域で76になると述べています。また、フィリピンの企業のニーズに合わせて、クラウドサービスを更新したといいます。