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PLDT widens access to mobile load services for Filipinos abroad


The international arm telco giant PLDT Inc. Is beefing up its global network of distributors after a study conducted by the company showed the importance of load access to Filipinos abroad.

A survey conducted by PLDT Global Corp. (PGC) on almost 600 respondents online last June showed that nine out of 10 overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) based in the Middle East send mobile load to their families back home to stay connected.

Majority of them send load through loading channels or kiosks at 49 percent, followed by remittances at 26 percent, and an allowance specifically for load top up at 17 percent.

Although most still prefer to send their bills payment through cash remittances, PGC said those who choose to pay directly through digital channels do so through online banking for their families’ convenience.

“The insights from this study show the importance of load access for our fellow Filipinos abroad. They allot a huge chunk of their monthly expenses for cellphone bills to stay connected to their loved ones back home,” PGC senior vice president and chief commercial officer Albert Villa-Real said.

“Through this study, we hope to empower our distributors and partners overseas so that they can boost their sales and search for opportunities for growth in the Middle East,” he said.

PGC has teamed up with over 50 global distributors to reach more Filipinos in every corner of the world.

These distributors allow Filipinos to purchase Smart and TNT prepaid load, reload their Free Bee accounts, or send prepaid load to their families back home through brick-and-mortar loading stations or official websites for contactless top-ups.

“During these unprecedented times, overseas Filipinos cannot afford to be disconnected from their loved ones. We want communication to be the least of their worries,” Villa-Real said.

“Through our global network of distributors, we made mobile prepaid load more accessible for our kababayans so they can make international calls or send messages when they need it most,” he said.

PGC said customers overseas could also enjoy the convenience of reloading their international phones through the Smart Load Abroad Facebook page, powered by PLDT and its wireless unit Smart Communications Inc.

Smart Load Abroad ( enables the overseas Filipinos to send prepaid load to their loved ones through the simplified experience of chatting with the Facebook page.

Customers will simply need to tap the send message button to activate the chatbot, and choose to buy Smart or TNT load, Free Bee call plans, or pay Philippine bills while they are abroad.

As PLDT’s international arm, PGC has been providing products and services to roaming customers of Smart and migrant Filipinos all over the world through its multiple partnerships with international carriers and distributors.

PGC has also developed several solutions such as Free Bee to help Filipinos abroad conveniently connect to their families and loved ones back at home.

Free Bee is a mobile app that provides users ways to call and send messages to their loved ones with or without the internet.


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