At least eight companies are interested in producing vaccines in the Philippines, five of which will be for the COVID-19, an official of Science and Technology (DOST) said.
“One [firm] is targeting to start a fill and finish facility by the end of the year,” she said, without disclosing the name of the company.
Without mentioning the companies’ names, the official described the following vaccine developers as:
Company A is a distributor for a South Korean company and is currently negotiating a joint venture with two other companies. Company B has extensive facilities in Asia. Their prospective foreign partner manufactures vaccines against polio, rubella, tuberculosis, HIV, and Covid-19.
Company C is considering launching a local vaccine manufacturing venture that includes a fill and finish facility. On the other hand, Company D has expressed a desire to collaborate with the government and is currently in talks with the Department of Trade and Industry-Board of Investment (DTI-BOI) and the National Development Company (NDC).
Company E is a long-term partner of a Chinese vaccine manufacturer and has been in discussions with the DTI-BOI and the NDC to expedite its plans.
Company F is looking for a potential partner, possibly a US company, while Company G is in talks with a Taiwanese vaccine developer about a possible partnership on local manufacturing.
“Company H has expressed interest to participate in the WHO initiative for the establishment of a Covid-19 mRNA vaccine technology transfer hub to scale up global manufacturing,” the DOST official said.
Due to a lack of funding, the Philippine government ceased the production of vaccines in 2015.

“ある(企業)は、年内に充填・仕上げ施設を開始することを目標としている “と、企業名を明かさずに語った。
“H社は、WHOが推進しているCovid-19 mRNAワクチンの技術移転ハブの設立に参加し、世界規模での製造を拡大することに関心を示しています」とDOSTの担当者は述べています。