Johanne Siy, a Filipino chef, has been named Female Chef of the Year by World Gourmet Awards, an honor that recognizes the efforts of key players in Singapore’s hospitality industry who provide the best fine dining experiences.
Currently based in Singapore, Chef Johanne is the head chef of Lolla in Ann Siang Hill. Her love for food has its roots back in Dagupan, where she grew up with Filipino comfort cuisine.
Johanne was a corporate brand-builder until she followed her passion in the culinary world and soon left for the Culinary Institute of America and spent years learning from culinary giants Chef Eric Ripert and Chef Daniel Boulud at Le Bernardin.
The chef then brought her Mediterranean influences to Singapore.

フィリピン人シェフのジョアンヌ・シイが、シンガポールのホスピタリティ業界で最高のファインダイニングを提供するキーパーソンの努力を称える「ワールド・グルメ・アワード」の「Female Chef of the Year」を受賞しました。