The official trailer of Trese, based on the award-winning Filipino komik (the term for comics used throughout the Philippines) series by writer Budjette Tan and artist Kajo Baldisimo, the original Netflix anime series will premiere on June 11, just a few weeks away.
Trese follows detective Alexandra Trese as she investigates crimes involving supernatural entities. Meanwhile, she has to contend with the legacy her deceased father Anton has bestowed on her.
The trailer shows a variety of different creatures and ghouls Trese will encounter, including a mischievous dwarf-like creature named Nuno sa Manhole. In the komik, Trese would say “tabi, tabi po” when asking for permission to approach his manhole and dirt mounds that occupy other nunos.
This character is just one example of how the series, both the komik and the upcoming adaptation, updates the Philippines’ rich history of supernatural folklore. With each episode, expect Trese to encounter even more creatures of folklore including the “werehorse” Tikbalang.
Fans have already expressed their excitement for the upcoming series.

脚本家のBudjette TanとアーティストのKajo Baldisimoによる、数々の賞を受賞したフィリピンのコミク(フィリピン全土で使用されているコミックの呼称)シリーズをベースにした、Netflixのオリジナルアニメシリーズ「Trese」の公式予告編が、6月11日に数週間後に初公開されます。
このキャラクターは、コミックスと今度の映画の両方で、フィリピンの豊かな超自然の民間伝承の歴史をどのように更新しているかの一例です。エピソードを重ねるごとに、Treseは “werehorse “Tikbalangなど、さらに多くの民間伝承の生き物に出会うことになるでしょう。