The Department of Health is enforcing a ‘brand agnostic’ vaccination campaign in which local government units will not divulge the brand of COVID-19 doses of vaccine before inoculation in vaccination sites.
This is the solution of the authorities to avoid the same situation in Metro Manila where a huge crowd flocked to the immunization post for the Pfizer shots.
DOH Undersecretary said that what should be announced by the local officials is for those to be vaccinated to go to the site and be administered with whatever vaccine is available there. If the individual doesn’t like the vaccine being offered then he/she should go to the end of the line.
Authorities were concerned after large crowds swamped to jab sites in Manila and Parañaque subsequent to the announcement the local officials made that they are giving Pfizer-made vaccines.
However, Dr. Albert Domingo, a health systems specialist, cautioned that not announcing the vaccine brand “or any medical product a person is about to be given risks violating the principles of informed consent.”
The Pfizer-BioNtech has shown a 95% efficacy in preventing symptomatic COVID infection after doses and appeared to be more or less equally effective across age groups.

しかし、医療システムの専門家であるアルバート・ドミンゴ博士は、ワクチンの銘柄を発表しないことは、”患者が投与されようとしているいかなる医療製品も、インフォームド・コンセントの原則に反する危険性がある “と警告しています。