Sarah Geronimo represented the Philippines in the ASEAN-Japan Music Festival for the second time, performing her songs “Ikot-ikot” and “Isa Pang Araw” for the international event.
The singer performed alongside musicians from Japan, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. The event took place virtually and was streamed in two parts via the music festival’s YouTube channel.
“Music is very powerful. It can heal a wounded heart, uplift one’s spirit, and bring renewed hope,” Geronimo said. “I do hope our music and performances can be a source of inspiration for all of you.”
The Pop Star Princess wowed audiences by performing “Ikot-ikot” on a gorgeously lit revolving set, which she first saw in her “Tala” concert last April. She gracefully slid and glided across the setup, not missing a beat in her performance.
Geronimo also performed a soulful rendition of “Isa Pang Araw” onstage with a live band during the second half of the music festival. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, she used her appearance to encourage the public to be hopeful and to make beautiful memories.
“Perhaps, it is a reminder of what truly matters — life, family, time. Let us all be united in showing empathy and care for one another. Let go of resentment,” Geronimo stated.
Geronimo first performed at the ASEAN-Japan Music Festival in Tokyo back in 2018, where she sang her hits “Kilometro” and “Tala.”

サラ・ジェロニモは、日本・ASEAN音楽祭にフィリピン代表として2回目の参加を果たし、国際的なイベントのため、自作曲「Ikot-ikot」と「Isa Pang Araw」を披露しました。
ジェロニモは、音楽祭の後半には、生バンドのステージで「Isa Pang Araw」のソウルフルな演奏も披露しました。COVID-19のパンデミックの中、彼女は自分の姿を通し、人々に希望を持ち、美しい思い出を作ることを呼びかけました。
ジェロニモは、2018年に東京で開催された「日本アセアン音楽祭」に初出演し、ヒット曲の “Kilometro “と “Tala “を披露しました。