Around 100 Myanmar diplomats defied the order by the junta to return home after they expressed their support to a civil disobedience movement against the February 1 military coup, according to a leaked document. Instead, they chose to stay in their countries of assignment and continue airing their support to the democratic forces in Myanmar.
These diplomats have served in some 20 nations including Japan, the United States, Britain, and Singapore.
Among them was Myanmar Ambassador to the United Nations Kyaw Moe Tun who expressed opposition to the military coup at an unofficial meeting of the U.N. General Assembly held on Feb. 26. Kyaw Moe Tun has ignored a dismissal from the junta, calling on the international community to support the democratic forces in Myanmar.
Thet Htar Mya Yee San, a second secretary at the Myanmar Embassy in the United States, contributed an opinion article to The Washington Post newspaper on April 29, where she wrote that she and three other diplomats in the embassy decided to declare their opposition to the junta.
Democratic sources revealed two diplomats at Myanmar’s embassy in Tokyo boycotted their duties in protest against the coup resulting in the junta’s order of their dismissal.
Myanmar’s Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Kyaw Zwar Minn, was locked out of the embassy in London in April after making a statement criticizing the coup in March.

その中には、2月26日に開催された国連総会の非公式会合で、軍事クーデターへの反対を表明したキョウ・モエ・チュン国連大使も含まれていました。Kyaw Moe Tun氏は政権からの解任を無視して、国際社会にミャンマーの民主化勢力への支援を呼びかけています。
在米ミャンマー大使館の二等書記官であるThet Htar Mya Yee San氏は、4月29日付のワシントン・ポスト紙に意見記事を寄稿し、同大使館の他の3人の外交官とともに、政権への反対を宣言することを決めたと書いている。