The cities of Manila and Butuan in the Philippines are among the 50 Champion Cities selected as finalists in the 2021 Global Mayors Challenge, a global innovation competition that identifies and accelerates the most ambitious ideas developed by cities in response to the Coronavirus disease (Covid-19) pandemic.
In the first-ever Global Mayors Challenge, these 50 urban innovations rose to the top of a competitive pool of more than 630 applications from 99 countries. Finalists were chosen among 631 cities that submitted proposals. They were judged based on their idea’s vision, the potential for impact, feasibility, and transferability.
“By helping these cities test their ideas over the coming months, we will have a chance to identify cutting-edge policies and programs that can allow cities to rebuild in ways that make them stronger and healthier, and more equal and more just,” said Michael Bloomberg, founder of Bloomberg LP and Bloomberg Philanthropies.
Manila is proposing “’Go Manila,’ a suite of new policies, processes, and digital platforms to build the first modern data infrastructure in the city’s 450-year history.” This is seen to address the city’s problem of having reliable data that makes it even more challenging to assess the issues that affect its residents.
On the other hand, Butuan is planning to address its “ineffective agricultural market by giving farmers predictive data to make better decisions about the type and amount of crops to plant, and fix some commodity prices to reduce risk on vegetables and high-demand foods.”
15 of the 50 cities will ultimately win the grand prize, with each receiving $1 million and robust multi-year technical assistance to implement and scale their ideas. Grand Prize Winners will be announced in early 2022.

フィリピンのマニラ市とブトゥアン市は、コロナウイルス(Covid-19)の大流行に対応するために都市が開発した最も野心的なアイデアを選出する世界的なイノベーションコンテストである「2021 Global Mayors Challenge」の最終選考に選ばれた50の「チャンピオン都市」に入りました。
マニラでは、「”Go Manila “という一連の新しい政策、プロセス、デジタルプラットフォームを提案し、450年の歴史の中で初めて近代的なデータインフラを構築する」としています。これは、信頼性の高いデータがないために、住民に影響を与える問題を評価することがより困難になっているという市の問題に対処するためと見られています。
一方、ブトゥアン市は、「農家に予測データを提供することで、植える作物の種類や量をより適切に判断し、野菜や需要の高い食品のリスクを減らすために一部の商品価格を固定することで、効果のない農業市場に対処する 」ことを計画しています。