Filipino surfer Nilbie Blancada advances to 3rd round of Olympic qualifiers

Filipino surfer Nilbie Blancada remains hopeful for the Philippines’ bid to qualify for the inaugural Olympic surfing competitions in Tokyo, Japan as he is the lone surfer who advanced to the third round of the 2021 ISA World Surfing Games in El Salvador, while the rest of the Philippine surfing team sunk to the bottom bracket.
The 2019 Southeast Asian Games gold medalist landed a runner-up finish in the second round heat with 6.53 points. Spain’s Leticia Canales topped the heat with 9.33 points, while Belarus’ Rheanna Rosenbaum (6.16 pts) and Canada’s Paige Alms (4.94) were relegated to the repechage rounds.
With 6.57 points, John Mark Tokong finished third in his star-studded heat. Italo Ferreira of Brazil (13.93 points) and Rio Waida of Indonesia (12.26 points) advanced to the third round of the 2019 World Surfing Games.
Edito Alcala, Jr. Finished third in his heat, with Great Britain’s Stanley Norman (13.64 pts) and France’s Joan Duru (12.53 pts) advancing to the next round.
Daisy Valdez was demoted to the repechage round as well after finishing third in her second-round heat with 2.1 points. Mahina Maeda of Japan (9.27 points) and Bethany Zelasko of Canada (6.5 points) qualified for the third round.
Even Jay-R Esquivel who showed a promising first-round result dominating his heat with 10.23 points, sunk last in the second round with just 6 points. Mexico’s Alan Cleland (10.9 pts) and France’s Michael Bourez (6.4 pts) are the surfers in the heat who advanced in the third round.
A spot of hope remains for the Philippine team with Siargao’s Nilbie Blancada. She emerged second behind Spain’s Leticia Canales, and advances to the third round. She will face Israel’s Anat Lelior, Germany’s Noah Klapp, and Chile’s Estela Lopez.


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