Behind Cebu’s Temple of Leah is a story of a loving husband’s fulfilled promise

Temple of Leah in Cebu City has been attracting local and foreign tourists because of its Roman-inspired architecture located up in the mountains of Busay. But what is dubbed by some as “Cebu’s Taj Mahal” was build to fulfill a husband’s promise to his wife on her deathbed.
Teodoro Soriano Adarna had it erected to serve as a repository of his spouse’s treasured collections of antiques, books, Chinese jars, and various other art objects. According to their daughter, Arlene Adarna Mangubat that her mother, Leah Albino-Adarna was a hoarder.
“She never threw anything away, even plastic Jolibee spoons,” Mangubat wrote on her social media account.
Mrs. Albino-Adarna was very concerned about her collections and what would happen to them when she was diagnosed with cancer. Before she passed away, her husband committed to build a place that will become a home of all her things. Hence, the construction of the Temple of Leah.
Now, the majestic seven-story structure sitting on a more-than-one-hectare property on top of the mountain is one of the most famous attractions in Cebu.


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