The Department of Tourism (DOT) and video creation and sharing app Tiktok, launch their new campaign, #SarapMagingPinoy, to encourage locals to celebrate Filipino pride by sharing treasured dishes from across the country and to promote a renewed interest and love for local cuisines.
The campaign has been received positively by TikTok users, garnering more than 35 million views since it was launched on June 1.
Various content creators from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao were tapped to share clips of homemade recipes and dishes on the TikTok platform as part of the #SarapMagingPinoy campaign, with each video showcasing local produce and the diverse cooking styles found in the archipelago. Some videos even featured home cooks preparing the dishes amidst the scenic destinations where these recipes were made popular.
“Food is an integral part of Filipino culture, it reflects our history and our diversity. More importantly, food is what binds us together with our family, friends, and community. Whenever we travel, we travel for food,” DOT Secretary Berna Romulo-Puyat said.
The #SarapMagingPinoy campaign is a form of crowd-sourced community food mapping or associating food with culture and a specific destination, to create compelling stories for travel, with food as an integral part of a traveler’s journey.