The first luxury resort in the Eastern Visayas region is opening in San Vicente in Northern Samar, the town known for its pink sand.
The Sila Island Resort in this town will welcome tourists and visitors looking for a relaxing holiday in a luxurious environment.
“You can position Northern Samar, like some places such as Sila Island, as a destination for the high-end market,” Department of Tourism (DOT) Eastern Visayas regional director Karina Rosa Tiopes said. “Mass tourism is okay but having a responsible tourism development by attracting fewer guests but high spending will generate the same benefit to communities,” she added.
The management is eyeing to open the resort within May.
The foreign-owned resort has villas featuring contemporary Filipino architecture and cutting-edge design using locally sourced materials such as bamboo and rattan. Guests will have their own butler to assist them while they are staying on the island.
Northern Samar is one of the six provinces in Eastern Visayas blessed with natural wonders, however, only a few people are aware of the beautiful sites, according to DOT.


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