Vaccination is critical to the recovery of Philippine tourism

Once tourism activities resume fully, the primary travel influence among tourists will be health and safety, which is why vaccination is critical to the industry’s eventual recovery.
According to Hotel Sales and Marketing Association (HSMA) chairperson Margarita Munsayac, achieving mass vaccination to ensure population protection even by next year is already a “very positive sign” especially for the beleaguered hospitality sector because this would not only bring back confidence to travel but also pave way for the reconsideration of inbound leisure travel, at least through green lanes, translating to more bookings.
The HSMA is the premier organization of hotel sales and marketing leaders in the Philippine tourism industry. It builds partnerships with other tourism stakeholders on projects and programs that advance sustainable hotel revenue growth.
“Maybe we will not see that 60 or 70 percent by end of this year but maybe a stretch under the first two months of next year but this is already a very positive sign,” she said at the recent general membership meeting of HSMA.
“We’re looking forward if the vaccination program will really speed up according to the number of vaccines coming in. We are seeing a slow recovery by the third quarter and we are looking forward to a higher percentage of recovery by the fourth quarter of this year, this is for Cebu,” she said.
With no clear timeline for the implementation of travel green lanes, hotels must make do with the current market available: local travelers, businessmen, and people in quarantine.


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