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EasyFIS is an online accounting software that improves your staff productivity by automating tedious tasks, among others.

You’ll save time and money.

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EasyFIS Key Features and Benefits


End to End Accounting Software with Sales and Inventory Integration.


Cloud-based and Software as a Service (SAAS).


Multi-currency. The system is capable of making transactions in different currencies.




Higher Accuracy and real-time reports.


Faster Coordination with Teams.


Cost effectiveness by reducing paper and Ink wastages.


Low cost of deployment and maintenance.


Improve customer service.


Philippine Taxation Law Ready. EasyFIS follows the Regulations and Guidelines set by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR).


Compatible with POS front-end Software.


Multi-Branch. The system is capable of having multiple Stores, Branches & Warehouses to monitor Sales and Inventory across your company.

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How EasyFIS Can Help You and Your Business?

Integrated System of Sales, Inventory and Accounting

Providing innovative bookkeeping services by helping you eliminate duplicate manual work by encoding transactions one single time and the system will do all the postings of all reports in Sales, Inventory, and Financials (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, etc.). You can focus more on analyzing your business operations and improving your customer service experience, ultimately saving a lot of time and generating enough profits for the company



For seamlessly managing and monitoring both your Inventory and Sales in various locations. With this feature you are able to check your real-time available Inventory among all your branches and can take advantage of transferring stocks from one branch to another. Also if in your current branch there is no more stock available you can always check your other branches in real-time and provide options for your customers to have the stock transfer to the current branch or advise your customer to visit your other branch instead.


For businesses that do international transactions and use various currencies (USD, YEN, RMB, etc.) in their purchases and sales. Since the world have become more interconnected and business transactions have expanded not only on the confines of the local market but to the international reach such ASEAN, CHINA, AUSTRALIA, JAPAN, EUROPE and the US, managing multiple currency denomination and booking them in Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) has never been easy with EasyFIS automatic journal entries. It automatically computes the gains and losses due to Foreign Exchange Transactions that normally occur in these types of international businesses activities.



Includes English and Japanese (Chinese, Tagalog and other languages soon) is very crucial in coordination and addressing the communication gap. However with EasyFIS this can be remedied with the multi-language feature enabling users to easily understand words that maybe different from other countries but with the same functionality and meaning on their own.

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More Ways EasyFIS Can Help You


BIR Compliant

EasyFIS is a homegrown software from the Philippines. It is just proper that it currently adapts to the business practices of the country. Most importantly the Taxation Regulation and guidelines of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR). EasyFIS is compliant ready for Computerized Accounting System (CAS) so that it will be easy for you to apply to the BIR for an accreditation.


Latest Version Always

Since the system Architecture and Design of EasyFIS is based on cloud, you are guaranteed that updates are also in real-time. You as a user will be guaranteed of the latest version of the system. You will also benefit from the experience of countless businesses that have benefited by the usage of EasyFIS


Cost effectiveness by reducing Paper and Ink wastages

Migrating to EasyFIS software as a service (SAAS) application will help your company cut costs because you do not need to print all the necessary papers just to manually show or give to your colleagues. Instead you can download the reports or share it digitally. Your teammates can also view EasyFIS without necessarily altering the records you encoded in the system.


Faster Coordination with Teams

EasyFIS have various modules designed for teams in Logistics, Warehouse, Inventory, Sales and Accounting Team. Since all of these modules are integrated and interrelated in real-time your teammates can easily coordinate providing more employee efficiencies and saves a lot of time and energy.


Low cost of deployment and maintenance

EasyFIS has been efficiently designed that the cost of deployment as well as maintaining it is very minimal, that is the reason why we charge you with a very minimal fee.

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Businesses We Serve


Healthcare Industries such as Pharmacies, Clinics, Hospitals that monitors their sales and inventories.


Dry Goods Groceries, Convenience Stores, Construction Supplies and Hardware Stores


Bookshops, Boutiques, Specialty Stores like Bike and Hobby Shoppes


Computer Hardware, Cellphones and Gadgets Stores


Agriculture Shops / Agrivet Supplies


Service Industries like BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) using only Sales and Accounting Feature of EasyFIS


Transportation Industry (Car Dealership, Motorcycle Dealership)


Food Business, Restaurants and Hotels


Need a report in a hurry? Not to worry! EasyFIS delivers highly-accurate reports on demand.


Keep track of how your branches are performing without having to visit every one of them.


We’re built with global businesses in mind. You can manage your finances using widely-accepted currencies.

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EasyFIS is a Software-as-a-service (SAAS) sales, inventory and Accounting system offering modern digital accounting services for Micro, Small and Medium (MSME) Enterprises.

If you want to manage your business in real-time and in a WFH (Work from Home Setup), EasyFIS can provide a turn-key solution to your most common business problems to effectively monitor your sales, checking your LIVE inventory stock quantity and most importantly the status of your business’ financial health.

On top of that EasyFIS is CAS (Computerized Accounting System) compliant ready for government taxation in the Philippines.

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