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Easy HR is a leading-edge HRIS software that helps your HR team manage employees through robust record-keeping and payroll functions.

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EasyHR makes things easier for HR Professionals


HR Automation

Save time and money by automating most of the HR tasks leaving you with more time to focus on strategic needs.


Robust Record-Keeping

Unify all the employee records in one system. No need for all the different files and folders!


Multiple-Branch Friendly

Manage multiple offices and branches effectively with our cloud-based technology.


  • On-line and Real-time Employee 201 File
  • Automatic DTR (Daily Time Recording) Computation
  • Payroll Computation with Philippine Statutory and Mandatory Deductions
  • Loan Management
  • Leave Management
  • Overtime and Tardiness Computation
  • Employee Portal
  • Multi-company and Multi-branch
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    Automatic payroll computation with Philippine mandatory deductions.



  • One-stop encoding and Integration of Data
  • Automatic and accurate computation of payroll and employee take home pay
  • Low cost of deployment and maintenance
  • Improve employee engagement and experience
  • Minimize Unnecessary Printing Cost
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    Speed up processing by doing everything digital!

    Standard Features

    On-line and Real-time Employee 201 File

    EasyHR enables users to see the employees detailed records including General Information (Address, Contact Numbers, Email, etc.), Payroll Details, Salary, Government statutory deduction details and numbers (TIN, SSS, PHIC, HDMF). It also shows History of Changes and who made such updates in the 201 File records. Users can also attach documents under the Memo tab purposely supporting changes in the 201 Filing.

    Automatic DTR (Daily Time Recording) Computation

    Txt files or CSV Logs that are uploaded in the EasyHR will be computed automatically. Users will no longer have to manually compute for Lates, Undertime, Overtime, Absences and other holiday computations.

    Payroll Computation with Philippine Statutory and Mandatory Deductions

    EasyHR also automatically computes standard philippine Payroll including Statutory and mandatory deductions with ease and saves a lot of time in computing accurate net pay for Employees.

    Loan Management

    EasyHR allows an unlimited number of employee Loans (Ex. Cash Advances, SSS Salary and Calamity Loans, HDMF Loans, etc.) monitoring. This will automatically reflect in the employees Loan Ledger as well as the Employees payslips.

    Leave Management

    Flexible and definable Leave Types that allows users to input Leave Credits and apply them efficiently and effectively. EasyHR can view the history of Leaves availed by an employee.

    Employee Portal

    Allows employees to login to EasyHR and check their records online. Instead of checking or having a hardcopy of their Payslip, Daily Time Records and even loans. All they need to do is check the portal and view it effortlessly, saving a lot of time contacting the HR personnel staff.

    Multi-company and Multi-Branch

    EasyHR is capable of handling multi-company with multiple branches. It will be very easy for a company to monitor a group of companies with multiple locations and branches and saves a lot of money and time.


    Detailed Modules

    • Change Shift
    • Overtime APplication
    • Leave Application
    • DTR
    • Loans
    • Payroll Other Income
    • Payroll Other Deduction
    • Payroll
    • Overtime Application
    • Leave Application
    • DTR Viewing
    • Payroll/Payslip Viewing
    • Loans Viewing
    • Mandatory Reports (SSS, PHIC, HDMF)
    • Demographics
    • Payroll Worksheet
    • Payroll Other Income
    • Payroll Other Deduction
    • Journal Voucher
    • Withholding Tax Monthly Report
    • ATM Bank Report
    • Payslip Report
    • Payroll Other Income Payslip Report
    • SSS Loan
    • SSS Calamity Loan
    • Loan Summary Report
    • Loan Deduction Report
    • HDMF Loan Report
    • Leave Reports
    • Tardiness Reports
    • Absent Report

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