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Privacy Policy


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Human incubator Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the”Company”) strongly recognizes the importance of personal information entrusted to us by our services and personal information entrusted to us by our employees, and in order to gain the trust of society at large, we will establish the following personal information protection policy and strive to protect personal information.

The Company shall disseminate and handle personal information to all persons engaged in business in the Company in accordance with relevant and applicable laws and regulations.

In addition, we hereby declare that the company will establish a privacy protection management program to incorporate the following policies stated below and continuously work on improving them,as a whole, while recognizing the newest IT technology trends, changes in social demands and business environment.


Personal Information Protection Policy

  1. Clearly define the purpose of use within our legitimate scope of business, and obtain, use, and provide personal information in a fair and appropriate manner to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose.In addition, measures will be taken to prohibit and prevent non-purpose use.
  2. Comply with laws and regulations concerning the handling of personal information, guidelines and other standards established by the government, and fulfill social responsibility.
  3. Take preventive and corrective measures such as providing organizational, technical and employee training regarding disclosure, loss or damage to personal information handled by our company.
  4. Set up a dedicated help desk for complaints and consultations and appoint a person in charge to respond promptly.
  5. We will establish, implement and maintain a privacy protection management program, periodically check and review compliance status, and strive for continuous improvement in response to social and internal environmental changes.

Establish Date: June 1, 2021
Human incubator Inc.
Shuichi Nakamura

For inquiries regarding the privacy policy, please contact the following help desk.


Privacy Help Desk

TEL :03-5281-0165(Weekdays, 10:00 – 17:00)
email: info@human-incubator.com 
To: Privacy Protection Administrator


Handling of Personal Information

Purpose of Use

Personal information obtained by our company will only be used for the following purposes. Among the following personal information, personal information entrusted to us by outsourcing and employee personnel evaluation will not be subject to disclosure.

Retained Personal Data (Personal information subject to disclosure)

Personal information about employees

Types of Personal InformationPurpose of Use
Personal information applied to our companyRecruitment work (recruitment evaluation, interview, various liaison work)
Employee’s personal informationHuman Resources, General Affairs, and various Business Management


Personal information about the Clients

Types of Personal InformationPurpose of Use
Personal information of companies that do business with us
  • Sales activities such as providing services,, communication, and meetings
  • Contract, Billing procedures, etc.
  • Answer to various inquiries


Personal information about our service users

Types of Personal InformationPurpose of Use
Personal information of our service users
  • Providing availed services
  • Information of the service


Personal information about inquiries

Types of Personal InformationPurpose of Use
Inquiry information

Communication and answers regarding the content of inquiry


Personal information acquired other than in writing (non-disclosure, etc.)

Personal Information entrusted by clients

Types of Personal InformationPurpose of Use
Personal information entrusted by a company that has business with usTo carry out system development work


Procedures for requesting disclosure of retained Personal Data

We will respond to requests for disclosure, etc. of personal information held by the Company (notice of purpose of use, disclosure, correction, addition, suspension of use, deletion, and suspension of provision to third parties). Kindly contact 《Privacy Consultation Center》 below for requests for disclosure, etc,. Request for personal information disclosure form shall be sent to you, Check the contents of your request, fill in the information needed, attach the necessary documents and fees, and send the filled request back to us.


Identification Documents

When requesting personal information disclosure, please send any of the following documents to verify your identity along with ‘Personal Information Disclosure Request’ . In addition, if your permanent residence is stated, please send the documents in black.

(1)Cases where the person himself/herself requests;
A copy of a driver’s license, passport, resident’s card, etc. that can be used to verify identity

(2)Cases where a representative requests it;

In case where a representative is to follow the procedure, In addition to the “Invoice for Personal Information Disclosure, etc.” and (1) above, please send any of the following documents to the representative.


Handling Fee

Regarding the notification of the purpose of use and the disclosure of personal information, a handling fee of 1,000 yen will be charged for each request.

When mailing each request to us, please enclose a postage stamp of ¥1,000 or a small fixed rate exchange.

If there is a shortage of several fees, you shall be notified.

If you are unable to pay the handling fee within one week after the request, your request will be void.


Provision to Third Parties

We do not use personal information we have received except with your consent or in accordance with laws and regulations.



The handling of personal information may be outsourced in whole or in part to the extent of the purpose of use as stated above. In such cases, appropriate supervision of the consignee will be carried out in accordance with our company’s regulations.


Voluntary provision of Information

The provision of personal information to us is optional. However, if there are any omissions or errors in information, we may not be able to answer the inquiry appropriately.

For inquiries, complaints, and requests for disclosure of personal information, please contact the following:

Privacy Help Desk
TEL:03-5281-0165(Weekdays, 10:00 – 17:00)
To:Privacy Protection Administrator


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