Effective Consulting Principles


1. The “Solution” to any complex problem lies within the client

To adapt to the national and localized systems of the constantly changing countries of Southeast Asia, and to continue to operate smoothly or seize business opportunities, it is undeniably important to identify and address current issues while working with clients, and to learn at the same time. The most recent experience would come only once, thus, we should always work together with our clients to find the best solution.


2. Respect diversity of values and ideas.

Japan’s way of thinking and how overseas thinks are certainly connected, and experienced people know that there are various of perspectives between those two.

Organizational consultants need to gather many opinions and act from multiple perspectives to ensure successful problem-solving.

When-working with-client-start from-where-they-stand-icon

3. When working with client, start from where they stand.

Understand the client’s point of view.

Understand the client’s different perspectives on issues, regarding on what has been tested, what has been successful, what has been ineffective, and on what they think should be done for the present. We should cooperate hand by hand with our customers. Moreover, we must continue our efforts in overcoming linguistic and cultural barriers.


4. In the field of consultation, the location of the one responsible shall not be clarified.

Normally, numerous of people wouldn’t try to hurt someone in an organization.

The atmosphere of condemnation hampers the people of the client’s organization from the trust, collaboration, and commitment which they do need to have in order to make the change successful.

This will compromise the trust, cooperation and commitment needed to make a victorious change.


5. The project shall be carried out with some basic consultation framework in mind.

In the early stages of the project, the main objectives of the framework could be used as a common reference frame when discussing about the project’s objectives, methods, assessments, and learning. Have a perfect attitude in modifying the framework as you and your clients shall work together proactively.

Your-value-lies not-in-the-details-icon

6. Your value lies not in the details of the project but in the process itself.

Your client shall begin its evaluation, when both the company and the client will continue to work together in a process such as the following.

Clients value you by continuing to work together in a process that is well supported, well understood, communicated to everyone, and is focused on getting good results.

Success-comes not-only-from your-expertise, but-also-from your-own-character-icon

7. Success comes not only from your expertise, but also from your own character.

This is especially true when the client recognizes you as to be trusted, respectful, and do provides results and learning-focused consultations.

If you are consulting while focusing on the results and learning, that’s more intense, as well as one of your most powerful impact on your clients is that you are the model of the kind of behavior you want your clients to possess.

Execute-what-I said-icon

8. Execute what I said.

It is very helpful to act centrally, clearly, and consistently whenever the client gets confused over something.

Your consistency builds trust and commitment with your clients.


9. Know yourself.

We are a so-called “tool” that brings change to our clients.

When you work with people, you must give up your prejudices, beliefs, and disbeliefs. If they occur during the project, express the following honestly and right away as possible.

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