We’ve picked up the questions you’ll be asked about in a Human Incubator job.

QWhat are the screening processes and schedules?
AFor application screening and interviews, please consult with us about the schedule for interview and on how to join our company.
Depending on where you live, you may be able to work remotely right away if you’d wish to.
QIs it possible to apply for multiple positions at the same time?
AYes, if there are any open positions.
If you are unsure of your eligibility, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
QIs it possible to apply even if I have no experience?
AYes, it is and you can.
There are staff members who are working actively and more effeciently even without any academic or professional background.
QIs it possible to apply even if I don’t speak English?
AIn terms of the English Language, A Daily conversational level is required, but if you are motivated, please contact us.
QCan I apply if I am a Japanese citizen or a foreign national?
AAny nationality is welcome. However, depending on the type of job, a daily conversational level of Japanese is required.
QI am currently living in Japan, can I still apply?
AYes, you can apply.
You will need to travel to Cebu by yourself, but the company will provide you with a special travel permit for Pandemic restriction purposes and a work visa.
QWhere will I work?
ACurrently, you will be working in one of our offices in Cebu which are located in Cebu Business Park/IT Park/Mandaue, Philippines.
QWill I be transferred?
ANo, not at this time.
QDo you have company housing/dorms?
AYes, we have company-rented condominiums in the center of Cebu City.
QHow do I dress for work?
AYou are free to wear whatever you like, but it is preferable for you to use your own judgment according to TPO.

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