HII In The News

HII In The News

Firm to mount talk about accounting in new normal

THE pandemic forced changes upon us, some of which are here to stay. For those in the workforce, a dramatic change has been how productive they could be while being away from the actual workplace.

When Covid-19 hit, it also had game-changing effects in the accounting industry. Known to be traditionalists and highly technical, accounting professionals have adapted quickly by using digital tools and more expanded virtual work. Or have they? Exactly how have they coped with the pandemic? And what does it look like, post pandemic? We at Human Incubator Inc. (HII) want to find out, too! read more…

HII tackles ‘new normal’ shifts in doing business

CEBU, Philippines — Human Incubator, Inc. (HII), an online services provider for businesses is holding a stimulating discussion on the shifts and turns of doing business moving forward post pandemic.

HII head for marketing Ceasar A. Ditan announced that the event which is set on May 28, 2022, at two o’clock in the afternoon, aims to provide experts’ insights on the changes businesses should adopt to meet the new demands and needs of the new normal. read more…