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Running a multi-branch restaurant or store chain can be a headache. You have to keep track of sales data, inventory, and staffing across multiple locations, all while trying to make informed decisions that drive revenue and growth. But with scattered data, missed opportunities, and a lack of real-time insights, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and frustrated.

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easyHQ all in one solution

Enter easyHQ – the all-in-one solution that consolidates your sales data and generates real-time reports, so you can make informed decisions that drive growth and revenue. With easyHQ, you’ll have command and control of your multi-branch operations at your fingertips, no matter where you are.

easyHQ viewing sales data in real time

Imagine being able to view your sales data in real-time, identifying your top-performing branches, and understanding which products are driving the most revenue. With easyHQ’s intuitive dashboard, you’ll have access to all this and more. Plus, with the ability to track sales across different channels and time periods, you’ll be able to identify trends and adjust your sales strategies accordingly.

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easyHQ cloud based

easyHQ is a cloud-based application that works with your BIR-accredited EasyPOS software and any hand-held mobile device, so you can access your sales data and reports from anywhere, anytime. Plus, with features like real-time tracking, sales channel analysis, and sales contribution analysis, you’ll have all the insights you need to make informed decisions that drive growth and revenue.

easyHQ Features

If you’re tired of managing multiple POS systems and struggling to get a comprehensive view of your business’s performance, then you’re in the right place. easyHQ is the web-based application that simplifies your multi-branch operations by collecting and consolidating data and generating reports from all easyPOS units in all branches of your business.

Do you find it challenging to make informed decisions on the fly? Are you frustrated by the inability to track sales in real-time, leading to missed opportunities? Do you wish to have a tool that provides you with a clear picture of your business’s performance? If so, then easyHQ is the solution you’ve been searching for.

Here are some of the features that make easyHQ the ultimate tool for multi-branch business owners:

Sales Dashboard

easyHQ Sales Dashboard

Are you struggling to keep track of your overall revenue and sales volume? With easyHQ’s Sales Dashboard, you can access a comprehensive view of your business’s performance over a specified period of time, including the top-selling branches and categories. You can also view the top-selling items that have the highest revenue or sales volume per item. With this information at your fingertips, you can make informed decisions about your business’s performance.

Daily Sales

easyHQ Daily Sales

Real-time tracking of your business’s daily sales allows you to adjust your sales strategies as needed. You can also track sales across different channels, such as online, in-store, or through a third-party platform, to identify the channels that are performing best.

Hourly Sales

easyHQ Hourly Sales

Do you want to know when your peak sales periods are? With easyHQ’s Hourly Sales feature, you can track revenue generated by your business during each hour of operation. This information can provide valuable insights into sales trends, customer behavior, and peak sales periods.

Sales Contribution

easyHQ Sales Contribution

Do you know which segments of your business are contributing the most to your sales revenue? With easyHQ’s Sales Contribution feature, you can identify high-performing segments and adjust your sales strategies accordingly. You can also compare sales revenue across different time periods and identify trends and patterns in sales contribution.

Sales Information

easyHQ Sales Information

Do you want to view sales information for a specific item or product? With easyHQ’s Sales Information feature, you can view the percentage of total sales revenue generated by a specific item or product. You can also view the quantity per store or all stores and view sales information for a given time range.

Sales Detailed Report

easyHQ Sales Detailed Report

Are you struggling to get a comprehensive view of your business’s sales performance? With easyHQ’s Sales Detailed Report, you can access a detailed list of individual sales transactions, including the date, item, item information, and any relevant discounts or promotions. You can also analyze sales performance across different store locations or regions, including total revenue generated and the number of sales transactions.

EOD Report Summary

easyHQ EOD Report Summary

Are you overwhelmed by the amount of data contained in an EOD report? With easyHQ’s EOD Report Summary, you can access a brief overview of the key metrics and trends from the day’s activities. This feature is designed to provide a quick snapshot of your business’s performance.

EOD Report Detailed

easyHQ EOD Report Detailed

Do you need a more comprehensive view of your business’s operations and performance for a specific day? With easyHQ’s EOD Report Detailed, you can access a detailed overview of your business’s performance, including sales transactions, employee performance, and more.

Who benefits from using easyHQ?

easyHQ is best for multi-branch and multi-location businesses that could greatly benefit from using easyHQ and easyPOS:

Restaurant franchises: Fast-food chains, casual dining restaurants, and other types of restaurant and cafe franchises that have multiple locations can use easyHQ to consolidate data and track performance across all their branches. This allows them to make informed decisions about things like menu items, staffing levels, and promotional campaigns.

Retail chains: Any retail chain that has multiple locations can benefit from easyHQ’s ability to track sales across all their stores. This includes Mini-marts, Convenience stores, Family-marts, Drugstore and pharmacy, quick-service outlets like Bubble Tea shops, and the like. easyHQ with easyPOS allows them to identify trends and adjust their inventory accordingly, as well as optimize staffing levels and track employee performance.

These are just a few examples of the types of businesses that could benefit from using easyHQ and easyPOS. Any multi-branch or multi-location business that wants to improve its operations and make more informed decisions can benefit from these tools.


Here are some frequently asked questions and their corresponding answers about easyHQ:

Q: What is easyHQ?

A: EasyHQ is a browser-based application that collects and consolidates data from all easyPOS units in all branches of a multi-branch restaurant or multi-store chain. It generates reports in real-time that provide top-level managers with a comprehensive view of the performance of their business from anywhere they may be.

Q: What are the features of easyHQ?

A: easyHQ features a Sales Dashboard, Daily Sales, Hourly Sales, Sales Contribution, Sales Information, Sales Detailed Report, EOD Report Summary Report, EOD Report Detailed Report, and integration with easyPOS.

Q: What businesses will benefit from using easyHQ?

A: Multi-branch and multi-location businesses like franchises will benefit greatly from using easyHQ as it provides a consolidated view of their business’s performance in real-time.

Q: How does easyHQ help businesses improve their performance?

A: easyHQ provides businesses with real-time data and insights into their performance, which allows them to make informed decisions quickly and adjust their strategies as needed. By identifying top-performing branches, categories, and items, businesses can focus their efforts on what works and optimize their operations.

Q: Is my business data secure with easyHQ?

A: Yes, easyHQ takes data security and privacy seriously. It uses encryption and other security measures to protect your business data and ensures compliance with data protection regulations.

Q: How much does easyHQ cost?

The cost of easyHQ depends on the size and complexity of your business. Please contact our sales team for a customized quote.

Q: How do I get started with easyHQ?

A: Getting started with easyHQ is easy! Simply contact our sales team to schedule a demo and learn how easyHQ can help your business.

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