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Turbo-charge Your Dream

From “What if” to “Let’s do this!”

Human Incubator is your Offshore Development Center in Cebu City, Philippines. Lab Contracting with Human Incubator moves your dream to reality – minus the pain of hiring.

Your bright idea for a project. Our dedicated Software Engineers. Plus options for supporting expert IT professionals.

A recipe for success!

Contract Software Engineers to work for you.

Why Lab Contract with Human Incubator?

Why Lab Contract with Human Incubator?

Human Incubator is home to highly-skilled software engineers who speak English fluently. Tell us your start-up dreams and these dedicated IT professionals will help you realize it. This is your main dish: Software Engineers.

What's a meal without a side dish?

What’s a meal without a side dish?

At Human Incubator, we give you the options to make your Labo contract experience satisfying! After picking your Software Engineers, you may want a Bridge Engineer for communications services to go with it!

And another side dish option to die for?

And another side dish option to die for?

You’ve picked your software engineering team and your Bridge Engineer. At Human Incubator, you have an option to contract a Project Manager to manage them and to set up sprints!

Value-added side dish, anyone?

Value-added side dish, anyone?

Working on your start-up vision needs commitment and dedication from your team. But when you are too focused, things fall through the cracks. At Human Incubator, you have the option to contract a Quality Assurance Specialist who makes sure the completed work is per specification and that there are no bugs!

Final option to complete your Lab Contract

Final option to complete your Lab Contract

Rounding up your value-added options, Human Incubator can make available your DevOps Specialist to set up your Git repository and your cloud servers

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What is a Lab Contract?

1. Lab Contract is one form of offshore development called lab-type development.

2. A company engaging in Lab Contracting is also known as an Offshore Development Center (HII ODC).

3. It is a contract for work for x-period, its contract form is quasi-delegation.

4. It’s akin to a company securing and developing its own overseas software engineers for a certain period of time (man-months, man-hours).

5. The contracting client will feel they have dedicated software engineers/developers within the offshore development company.

6. IP belongs to the Lab Contract client, not with the ODC.

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