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Easy Barcode Maker Online

Barcode is a readable code printed pattern of parallel lines that machine read as number for identifying various products, etc. Human Incubator offers the best Barcode generator for free.

The software allows you to make linear barcodes just in a few steps:

  • First, input the data or text you want to generate and choose one of the types of barcodes (EAN 13, Data Matrix, Codabar, Code 128, Etc.).
  • Select format (CSS, BMP, and Canvass), and you can also adjust the width and the height that will fit on your needs.
  • Finally, you can now generate the barcode by clicking Generate.
Default Value : 4
Default Value : 100

This Easy Barcode Generator is Free

You can use this easy barcode generator as part of your non or commercial web application or website to create barcodes and other 2D codes with your data. In return, we ask you to implement a back-link with the “Easy Barcode Generator” on your website. Back-linking to www.human-incubator.com is highly appreciated, or using HII Logo is optional.

Easy Series

EasyFIS Logo

EasyFIS is a Software-as-a-service (SAAS) sales, inventory and Accounting system designed for Micro, Small and Medium (MSME) Enterprises.

If you want to manage your business in real-time and in a WFH Work from Home Setup, EasyFIS can provide a turn-key solution to your most common business problems to effectively monitor your sales, checking your LIVE inventory stock quantity and most importantly the status of your business’ financial health.

On top of that EasyFIS is CAS (Computerized Accounting System) compliant ready for government taxation in the Philippines.

EasyHR Logo

EasyHR is a Software-as-a-service (SAAS) web application that helps to manage your Payroll and Human Resource Tasks easily and effectively.

Whether you are handling less than ten (10) employees or up to more than ten thousand (10,000) employees, EasyHR can do the job for you and saves you a lot of time in computing your Payroll and managing your Employee 201 Records anytime and anywhere.

But not only that, EasyHR further has an Employee Portal that allows your employees to access it online and check their own Payslips, Overtime, Leaves and Time Records. It saves a lot of time and money in printing these Payslips and paper wastage.

EasyPOS Logo

EasyPOS is a standalone Sales and Inventory system designed for businesses with Physical Stores and does not necessarily need an Internet or cloud solution.

The software is very easy to use yet already fully loaded with the necessary daily functions in running a store.

It already has a complete Sales and Inventory system with Item components.

Barcode and Touchscreen Interface that can be used for both groceries and restaurant setup respectively. Plus it is already BIR Accredited to legally issue Sales Invoice (SI) and Official Receipts (OR).

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