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Inventory management is a crucial part of running any type of business. This is especially true for those operating through multiple channels, such as retail stores and e-commerce sites. And, the best way to track it all is through POS and inventory management software.

What Are POS and Inventory Management?

POS and Inventory Management software are tools used by all kinds of businesses to track products, inventory, and sales. POS stands for Point-of-Sale and contains software used to ring in sales, count inventory, and generate data for business owners. This software allows businesses like retail stores, restaurants, and the like to streamline inventory management and track information and items across multiple locations and channels.

Why Is POS and Inventory Management Software Useful?

Why Is POS and Inventory Management Software Useful?

Business IT solutions like POS and inventory management are increasingly important for businesses, whether small or large scale, as they do much more than just track what items you’ve sold per day. They also keep account of different items you have in stock, and can even automate inventory tracking and purchase orders for your store.

By doing so, they ensure that the amount of important stock you have on hand is always accurate and adequate for your sales needs. When this is done effectively by an intuitive POS and inventory management software — like Human Incubator’s easyPOS — inventory management becomes as easy as a click of a button. Thus, you can reduce the costs of monitoring and managing your inventory, while also maximizing sales and improving your customer’s shopping experience.

What Are The Benefits Of Our easyPOS

Keeping track of your inventory using our POS and inventory management software is easy — all you have to do is install, click, and point, and our software reveals all the information you need to know. Plus, all of this data is uploaded to the cloud, so you can access all these benefits, wherever you may be:

Accurate sales records received in real-time

Update or maintain price consistency

Extremely user friendly and easy to navigate

Prevents pilferage and theft through constant monitoring

Enhances internal control of your shop

What Are The Features Of Our easyPOS

Human Incubator’s easyPOS helps you run your business in the right way, and on time by enabling you to manage day-to-day transactions on the dot. To help our users run their business smoothly using our POS and inventory management software, we have integrated the following features:

Complete sales and inventory system — Includes item components for backflushing inventory.

Two user Interfaces: barcode and touch screen.

Unlimited discounting, multiple price levels, and unlimited pay types (e.g., cash, credit cards, gift certificates, etc).

Customizable restaurant setups, from menu items to table groupings.

Multiple users with ordering capability for other business types (e.g., pharmacies and restaurants).

BIR Accredited

How EasyPOS Works For Your Business

How easyPOS Works For Your Business

Our POS and inventory management software is especially developed to empower any business. We help simplify your inventory management tasks, and help you achieve the following with much less time, effort, and error:

Streamlined Stock Management

Beyond serving as a high-tech cash register, our POS system tracks inventory and pricing — and records this data in real-time. As soon as an item passes through the queue and is sold, the system is automatically updated on the transaction.

This can be done by our POS and inventory management software even if you sell bundled, unique, and serialized items — even those with multiple variations. We have the tools and capability to track all kinds of stock. Our cloud-based system means you can always stay on top of your stock, even on a busy schedule.

Optimize Your Sales

A good POS and inventory management software not only helps you manage your inventory — but also provides the tools you need to help you run your business more effectively. That’s why our easyPOS offers more beyond tracking your cash flow and inventory.

Our software provides our users full control over how products are sold, and how much you charge through integrated tools. It can also help you automate discounts and promotions for customer or product segments, which you can set up in advance. Our POS and inventory management software makes it that much easier to offer deals to your customers, while still maintaining accurate inventory levels. Thus, it’s a critical factor in helping you optimize your sales floor.

Gather Actionable Data

Your business doesn’t just need to keep stock of all your products, ingredients, and the like — you have to be prepared with your bestsellers, especially if your business is affected by things like seasonal promotions or lunch rushes. To help you prepare for your customer’s demands, easyPOS gives you easy access to your full sales data.

From here, our POS and inventory management software can give a wide variety of sales and inventory reports, offering valuable actionable data. Through these reports, you’ll always know when it’s time to prepare for an influx of demands, identify the insufficient stock, and track unit costs and other key stock management data points.

Streamline Your Business Operations With The Best POS And Inventory Management Software: easyPOS!

Effective inventory management is essential for any size of business. Integrating our POS and inventory management software — easyPOS — can make all the difference for your business. With it, you maintain an accurate view of your inventory, receive valuable information about what’s selling well, and reduce costly inventory mistakes. All of these advantages of using our easyPOS can help you make informed decisions for your business’s future.

Contact Human Incubator today for a free business assessment, and to learn more about how easyPOS empowers your establishment with its many features! Interested in our other solutions? Give us a call now and we’d be happy to quote you on HRIS solutions, cloud accounting, and many more.

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